Covid19 Guidelines

To welcome you safely onto your mat there are some guidelines we would like you to have a read through before attending class.


- To protect our yogi community if you have any symptoms associated with COVID -19 or have been in contact with anyone who has please do not attend any classes until you have isolated for 14 Days

- Classes must be booked prior to arrival

- We will provide Yoga mats. All mats are respecting the government social distancing guidelines and will also be disinfected before and after use. If you do wish to use your own mat please place it on top of the mat provided.

- The practice room will be well ventilated with fresh air running through the space.


- Floors will be disinfected before and after each session.

- You will be expected to wait outside the building before class, honouring social distancing guidelines of 2m between each person.

- We will open the door for you. This will allow you to enter safely, one person at a time, and make your way to your mat before the next person enters.

- Upon entry there will be hand sanitiser available at the door, please use this & register at the desk.

- Remove any jackets & shoes and place in the designated area. 

- During class we will not be offering any physical adjustments.

- Once the class has finished, leave your mat where it is, grab your belongings and you will be directed to the exit.

​- All mats will be spaced 2 metres apart


- Please arrive in Yoga-wear as changing facilities will be closed at this time & only bring what is absolutely necessary to class.

- Face masks are allowed if you feel comfortable & safer wearing one.

​If you have any concerns prior to attending class or after class please feel free to contact us. We want you to as feel safe & comfortable as possible!